This is a semi-auto-biographical blog on meta questions involving the meaning of words, language, life, existence, reality, truth, and other foundational questions I asked since I can remember, and more particularly, after I woke up after being intubated for three week medically induced coma in an ICU unit.

I borrowed the title from the 1980’s band Missing Persons, which asked the metaphysical question: “What are words for?  When no one listens anymore…so tell me what are words for.”

About Me

I am a California attorney by trade with a focus on business and real estate, particularly on trademark and Internet law.  I received by Juris Doctorate degree in 1999 from Santa Clara University, a Jesuit institution in the heart of Silicon Valley.  I have a special interest in philosophy and theology and was fortunate to study Jurisprudence – a crossroad between my intellectual interests and professional pursuits – at Magdalen College, University of Oxford.  

For further information on my professional and personal background follow my social networking sites below:

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